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"Outside Looking In" for Maranya "G"

Title: Outside Looking In
Author: [info]sela21k

Recipient: [info]maranya14
Main Characters: Teal'c, Rodney McKay
Rating: G
Category: Gen
Spoilers: None

I have the pleasure of writing for [info]maranya14


Her requests are:

  - Humor

 - Teal'c fighting

 - Teal'c interacting with humans - need not be restricted to SG-1, part of the Stargate program, or  even Earth humans.


 Three things you DO NOT WANT in your story: Open to pretty much anything

Maranya: You really freed me up when you said the story need not be restricted to SG-1. It helped me to take the leap across galaxies. Although I did not get Teal'c fighting in a traditional sense, in a way he is fighting a type of battle in this piece.  I apologize for not having it ready for you yesterday. I hope you like it.



Teal’c walked into the Atlantis commissary a little after midday preferring to eat at a time when their one commissary was not so crowded. On his way in he met the rest of SG-1 coming out, laughing and talking with Col. Sheppard, Teyla and Ronon, SG-1’s counterparts on Atlantis. After a brief exchange of greetings, he promised to meet them for the evening meal and made his way to the service line.


With his tray full, Teal’c headed towards a corner of the cafeteria where he could eat in peace and as he had been taught as a Jaffa, keep an eye on the door.  As he made his way over to his table, Teal’c noticed Dr. Rodney McKay, another member of the Atlantis flagship team, sitting by the window, staring sadly at the unending Lantian sea. Teal’c wondered at the fact that he had obviously been sitting alone at the small table and recalled how McKay rarely joined the combined teams at meals and when he did so he seemed withdrawn and unhappy.


As he began to eat, Teal’c became aware of how people walked past McKay as he sat at the table, giving a glance in his direction but not stopping or speaking.  He saw how McKay pretended not to notice. This behavior mystified Teal’c as human behavior sometimes still did.  Didn’t McKay have any friends within the expedition personnel?  Absently Teal’c mused that it had benn same with him when he had first come to the SGC and suddenly he understood. McKay was an outsider.


Dr. McKay was human and from Earth – why was he not included in? Although he hid it better than McKay was doing, Teal’c had for a long time felt like an outsider among the Tau'ri.  He understood why he had been set apart at the SGC and avoided – he was, after all, an alien to their world and formerly an enemy of his people. That didn't make him feel any less lonely. It wasn’t until O’Neill took him ‘under his wing’ that the other members of the SGC began to accept him as one of them.  But this didn’t make sense or apply here -  McKay was already one of their own.  Why was he on the outside looking in? A few minutes later, McKay sighed, got up from the table and left the cafeteria without a word to anyone.  Teal’c watched him as he left head down shoulders slumped.


Later that evening Teal’c made his way to the main lab.  As he suspected, Dr. McKay was sitting alone at his desk not looking at his computer screen, again not eating the meal in front of him. Teal’c knew the combined teams were at that time sitting down to the evening meal in the Atlantis commissary. Again, McKay was not with them. This could not continue.


“Dr. McKay, I require your assistance.”  Teal’c announcement caused the unaware McKay to jump straight up in the air knocking over the tray which held the dry sandwich and salad.


“Teal’c!  I didn’t see you come in,” McKay scrambled nervously as he attempted to gather his sandwich and wits. “Why aren’t you – what are you – what do you need?”


“I need for you to accompany me,” Teal’c ordered. He turned and walked out of the lab.


“What? Ah – where?” McKay asked slightly apprehensive. Weighing the options of following Teal’c without receiving an explanation and having him turn back to give him one, McKay decided the safer course of action would be to follow. Nervously, he silently followed Teal’c through the halls of Atlantis until they reached one of the side decks over looking the city.


At this point Teal’c turned to Dr. McKay and said, “Although I have traveled many places throughout the stars of my own galaxy, these skies are unfamiliar to me.  I would be grateful if you would instruct me regarding these stars. All of them”


“All of them?  You want me to – all of them?” McKay asked confused. 


“I understand you are highly conversant in this subject.”


“Well, yes, I am but – so is Col Carter and astrophysics is her area of  -“


“I prefer that you assist me,” Teal’c stated with an air of finality. He sat down on the edge of the railing and crossed his arms.  “You may begin now.”


McKay blinked at Teal’c a few times as if trying to figure out what was going on. 


“Well…ok. What do you want to know?”  he asked tentatively.


“Everything.”  Teal’c answered.


“Everything?!” McKay gave a short disbelieving laugh.  “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Teal’c just sat and looked at him.  “Ok, maybe you’re not.” McKay shook his head and looked out at the darkening Lantian sky.  “Ok …everything about all the stars. Alrighty then… well, pick one.”


Teal’c raised his arm and pointed at the brightest light in the sky.  “Tell me about that one.”


McKay peered at the star Teal’c was pointing at, took a deep breath and began to talk. It didn’t take long for McKay to warm to his subject and with a few well placed questions from Teal’c, he slipped into the instructor’s mode. Teal’c noticed how as McKay relaxed he became more confident and poised.  He talked for over an hour answering Teal’c’s questions with ease before he finally wound down and stopped. 


“How’s was that?” McKay asked hesitantly. He stood fidgeting for a moment in front of  Teal’c like a student at the end of a report waiting for the teacher to grade him. The confident self assured instructor had slowly slipped away.


Teal’c sat silently for a moment then nodded.  “That was more than satisfactory,” he said as he came to his feet.


“Really?” McKay seemed relieved. “I mean…of, course it wasn’t everything I know  - I just hit the high points –“


“I am aware of that,” Teal’c said as he began to walk away.  McKay followed after a moment.  “That is why I require you to continue tomorrow evening.”


“Continue?” McKay queried. “Tomorrow? You want more?”


Teal’c stopped and turned with a slight frown.  McKay quickly sidestepped to avoid running into him.  “As I said, I require you to tell me everything you know.  You have not.  Therefore we will continue.” 


Teal’c tone was firm and final.  McKay swallowed hard.  “Yes, we will continue.” He agreed quickly. “We will.”


Teal’c’s turned to walk up the short flight of steps that lead to the commissary.  The sounds of lively conversation and easy laughter met them as they approached. McKay followed nervously behind but stopped as they reached the entrance.  Teal’c noticed how he shrank back as a greeting was called from a table where members of their combined teams sat.


“Well…I’m just going to…go…now,” McKay mumbled. Teal’c noticed that he wore the same unhappy expression as he had before. He was no longer the confident, educated instructor he had manifested earlier on the balcony.


“Dr. McKay.”  Teal’c voice stopped him as he turned to go. “I have not had my evening meal -”


“Oh. Yes. Well, I’m…sorry about that,” Mc Kay began to fidget unhappily again.  “I -I talked too long. I’m sorry.”


Teal’c continued as if McKay had not spoken. “ – and I am aware that I had rudely interrupted your meal as well.”


“Uh…” McKay blinked. “I …wasn’t hungry.”


“Never the less, I apologize,” Teal’c said. “And ask if you would join me for dinner.”


McKay blinked again. “Aren’t you going to –“  He pointed over at the table where their teams sat.


“Actually, if you are agreeable, I would appreciate the opportunity to get to know more about you,” Teal’c replied.  This time a slight smile played across his face as he watched McKay’s brain shut down.


“Me?” The expression on McKay’s face was one Teal’c often heard described as a deer caught in the headlights. “You want to know about me?”  His voice almost squeaked. “Why do you want to know about me?” 


Teal’c turned and led McKay into the crowed commissary.  Just as they reached the table where the members of SG-1 and the Atlantis teams sat Teal'c turned to McKay who again had to make a sidestep to avoid running into him.  Pretending not to notice and in full veiw of the SG and Atlantis teams, Teal'c  bowed deeply to McKay.  The table and several others around them went silent at the sight of the tall majestic warrior bowing respectfully to the cowering McKay.


“As a Jaffa, I have been taught to respect the discipline from which comes excellence” Teal’c intoned deeply, just loud enough for his voice to carry. “You have impressed me with the scope of your knowledge. It would be my honor to learn from you the disciplines required to obtain such knowledge so that I might apply them to my own life.” 


As he straightened Teal’c noticed that McKay was not the only one wearing the deer in the headlights expression.  He also saw that McKay noticed. Pulling himself up a little straighter McKay awkwardly returned Teal’c bow. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something but after a moment closed it. Teal’c stepped aside indicating that McKay should precede him to the service line. As McKay moved forward, he nodded to the table of his astonished teammates and with a proud smile moved on without a word.

Teal'c followed McKay through the commissary to the service line nd he saw how the doctor was now being greeted with new respect. With satisfaction Teal’c noticed McKay’s shoulders squared, his head lifted and he began to walk with confidence. As they took their trays to a table by the window overlooking the vast Lantian sea, Teal’c vowed to himself that before SG-1 left to return to Earth,  he would make sure it would always be that way.  

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