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geek love

graculus in tealc_ficathon

Fic masterlist - 2009

Thanks to everyone who's posted and also to everyone who's taken time to read and comment!

Here's the masterlist of who wrote what for who, in case anyone's wondering:

One Day (gen) was written by ryf for beatrice_otter

Package Deal (gen) was written by kernezelda for ivanolix

Stranded (Teal'c/Cameron) was written by janedavitt for _minxy_

Let's Leave While We're Happy (gen) was written by beanpot for aurora_novarum

To Observe and Catalogue (gen) was written by ivanolix for sg_fignewton

Just Like Old Times (gen) was written by beatrice_otter for sg_betty

Like A Bicycle (gen) was written by astrogirl2 for beanpot

Path of Good Intentions (gen) was written by aurora_novarum for princessofg

Warriors Playing at Gentlemen (gen) was written by lovellama for astrogirl2

Outside Looking In (gen) was written by sela21k for maranya14

Beauty in Skill (gen) was written by sg_fignewton for sela21k

The Care and Handling of Extra-Terrestrial Coworkers (gen, with a little Teal'c/Cameron) was written by geonncannon for prehistoric_sea

Untitled (Teal'c/Cameron) was written by prehistoric_sea for janedavitt

Eye of the Beholder (gen) was written by sg_betty for traycer_

Mothers of Teenagers Know Why Animals Eat Their Young (gen) was written by crazedturkey for ryf

Earth Girls, Amazon Women, and Other Space Creatures (Teal'c/Sam) was written by princessofg for crazedturkey

'The Sleeping Warrior' (Teal'c/Ishta) was written by annerbhp for lovellama

We're still waiting on a couple of stories so I'll update this list as they arrive.


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May 2009

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