May 8th, 2009


"The Care and Handling of Extraterrestrial Coworkers," for prehistoric_sea

Title: The Care and Handling of Extraterrestrial Coworkers
Author: geonncannnon
Recipient: prehistoric_sea
Rating: PG or less
Category: Humor, character study
Word Count: 1500
Spoilers: The Enemy Within, Cold Lazarus
Prompts: Teal'c leading a class about how to interact with non-Tau'ri people/beings for people coming into the Stargate program, Cam/Teal'c shippiness, and Teal'c POV. I wasn't able to get much of the Cam/Teal'c into it, but I did my best :D
Summary: Even ten years in, they have to deal with the newbies.
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