May 26th, 2009

Find A Way

'The Sleeping Warrior' by Annerb

Title: The Sleeping Warrior
Author: Annerb
Summary: Teal’c thought the hardest battles already won, but instead, the real struggles are just beginning. The Jaffa nation after the defeat of the Goa’uld.
Season: Future, post season eight AU.
Categorization: Drama, action, established Teal’c/Ishta, passing mention of Teal’c/Drey’auc and Teal’c/Shau’nac.
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13
A/N: Written for the tealc_ficathon for lovellama with the prompts ‘action, het, and intrigue’. Didn’t turn out quite as het-centric as planned, but I hope you still like it! Major apologies to both lovellama and graculus for the inexcusable lateness of this entry. Special thanks to katcorvi and aurora_novarum for invaluable beta help.

Link to fic.